What is Brand Licensing ?

Brand licensing allows brand owners to increase their fan base and move into new business categories without significant investment in new manufacturing processes. It allows retailers and manufacturers to stand out from the competition, offer consumers the hottest brands, and drive sales.

How will Getting a License from FTV help me grow my business ?

FTV is present in more than 195 Countries, with an Extremely High Brand Recall rate. Getting an FTV License would basically mean getting access to a Global Customer Base consisting of High Net Worth Individuals. This will help you grow your business exponentially with Minimal Risk incurred. FTV apart from the access to the brand also provides you with end-to-end support that would enable you to grow your business in the direction you intend to.

How can I get an FTV Brand License ?

Simply get in touch with us at www.ftvlicenses.in and expect a call shortly from the concerned authority for a detailed breakdown of the possible opportunities.

How much do I pay to get a License ?

We at FTV Believe that every brand and every representative has their own distinct value proposition, thus the deals would not be rigid with a rate card. We can mutually come down to an agreement where both parties are satisfied. For the same kindly contact us by filling the Enquiry form mentioned on www.ftvlicenses.in

What would be the Tenure of this Licensing deal?

In most cases, the average tenure is for 3-5 years, though it would be something that will depend on the discussions and agreement formulated at the time of closure.

Who is Eligible to get an FTV Brand License?

As FTV Possesses an Immense name in the market and would have to be contained by a vessel that can sustain the name, for which we run in-depth background checks about the company history and the company's future forecasting.