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The compelling and refreshing blend to spark up a special occasion. FashionTV brings the tropical state of mind to the ultimate thirst quencher with an exquisite new range of beverages. The luxury spirits and texture have added craftsmanship to people. It brings you the creation to influence through this mystic drink. The natural brilliance of FTV vodka shines through crafting. The artesian involved makes the taste authentic and captures the standardization process that gives it a mark of verification. It brings you the creation to influence through this mystic drink. We strive to offer an impeccable balance of taste and mouthfeel whilst supplying healthier products.


The beverage market of India whether that is alcoholic or non-alcoholic is growing with the global contribution. The CAGR has been around 10% for the overall beverage market which is influenced by the country’s vast geography. The revenue forecasted by 2030 from bottled water is $12.61 Billion. At the same time, the revenue for alcohol has been estimated at $5 Billion. It is projected that the revenue of manufacturers of beverages in India will amount to approximately 13.1 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024. Non-alcoholic beverage flavours are something which is contributing to at least 4% of sales in India.


We at Ftv Beverages want to curate a brand that is loved for its scrumptious taste and luxury to build the insistence. With the enormous market potential through ideation, innovation and superlative technology, the idea is to catapult our brand.

To bring alluring pleasure by being the leading purveyor of beverages that defines royalty for auspicious occasions with the purpose of maximizing high-quality beverages.

Ftv aims at bringing arouse a constant demand which will add a veritable craze and essence to create a revolutionary brand of beverages that matches modern India

Fashiontv Beverages Image

Fashiontv Beverages Features

Fashiontv Beverages Image


FTV Beverages also includes a range of gluten-free drinks that don’t utilise grain malt. The idea is to serve a mass audience with different preferences which can make the cocktail choice hour easier.

Natural Ingredients

Ftv Beverages come from fermented cereal grains which can be up for any cocktail or caffeinated drink. The subtle sweetness from lime juice brings the usage of natural ingredients.

Flavours Available

Ftv comes up with infinite flavours to give a variety of citrus, kiwi, and peach which is to make an ideal drink among the masses. The flavorful alcoholic and non-alcoholic also contain toasted corn along with peach.

Safety and Quality Standards

The use of disruptive technology to provide purified beverages is the principle that will establish. This is maintained by including essential nutrients and managing the ph level.