The best, cleanest, purest, most luxurious water comes from the European Alps. FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER originates in the glaciers of the Austrian Alps, where the melting water is filtered through various rock formations before reaching the surface at the source. There it bursts out of the ground, pure and ready to be bottled directly without any treatment. FASHION LUXURY SPRING WATER. Always moving, always fresh, always in fashion.

Blend: 55%

AGEING: 5Years


Fashion has come up with a new brand of water called FTV water that is in motion. Ftv water is compelling for your thirst. It is proposed with minerals which are absorbing and spellbinding. The USP of ftv water is to experience the taste that is originally sourced. Ftv water is not only quenching the covet but also delivering the standards of aqua safe water.