Faithful to Michel Adam's vision of making FASHION VODKA accessible to a broader consumer segment, a premium version was also produced: the Party Collection. A vodka ranking at the top in its category, it is produced from selected fine Polish grains to deliver a noble, special-tasting mixture. Distilled four times and mixed with the purest, treated by reverse osmosis water, the FASHION VODKA Party Collection is filter through a series of carbon micro-filters before bottling. This ensures pure vodka of unique character and a soft, harmonious, well-rounded taste.Designed to mirror the signature features of the FASHION VODKA family, FASHION VODKA Party Collection follows the principles of purity, clarity and simplicity with a design that successfully represents style and confidence. The extended use of gold colour in the overall product presentation makes the design more unified, conveys an extravagant mood and a reflection of high quality, as the spirit within.

Blend: 55%

AGEING: 5Years


A new chapter in contemporary Indian revelry, FashionTV proudly introduces the FTV Vodka Party Collection. Tailored to elevate the experience of parties, nights out, and more, it epitomizes opulence and promises the most refined taste encounters.