Every so often, a product appears on the market and instantly positions itself in a class of its own; a product of remarkable character and fine qualities; a product with the pedigree of a leader. FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection is such a product.Filtered through centuries of intangible heritage, FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection breathes new life into a once closely guarded recipe dating back to 1783. A recipe that was then reserved for the select few, now delivers a pleasurable vodka for connoisseurs around the world.

Blend: 55%

AGEING: 5Years


Vodka's reputation is unbeatable when we talk about alcoholic beverages. The neutral flavor of vodka makes it a flexible base for cocktails and is a secure liquor to combine with other drinks; today vodka is globally famous for its texture. Adding some fun to contemporary Indian culture, FashionTV has launched FTV Vodka to satiate the quench of cocktail lovers.