Our f 88 FASHION ENERGY DRINK is based on an improved formula that was specially developed to provide an intense and sustained energy boost for those who lead active and vigorous lifestyles. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and can be enjoyed by itself or as a mixer, from morning to night, at work or leisure, when partying or relaxing.

Blend: 55%

AGEING: 5Years


Introducing F 88 Fashion Energy Drink - the epitome of intensified and sustained vitality. Crafted for those who embrace vibrant lifestyles, F 88 delivers an energy surge like no other. Unveil a concoction free from artificial additives, versatile enough to be savored solo or blended into your favorite mix. From dawn till dusk, from work to play, F 88 accompanies you on your journey of active living, pulsating with pure dynamism.