Our f 18 FASHION ACAI ENERGY DRINK will appeal to fashionable and sociable consumers – especially women with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The number ‘18' relates to the age when teenagers are considered ‘free' adults. This luxury drink can be enjoyed chilled, straight or as a mixer, from morning till night, at work or leisure, for energy, beauty, luxury and prestige.

Blend: 55%

AGEING: 5Years


The global market of energy drinks is growing rapidly because the modern world needs something energetic for their highly hectic and fast paced life. So FashionTV has launched their brand new and refreshing FTV energy drinks just for you, with a sip that is going to be the best part of your long and hectic days by giving you enough energy to rock the day. FTV energy drinks are a blessing for our youth, athletes, students, and professionals. These drinks comprise caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, sucrose and glucose, B-group vitamins, and pure alpine spring water, collectively enhancing your energy levels.